Existing policies that benefit free and open source software in European public services


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A list

  1. Comprehensive, holistic policies
  2. Listing open standards
  3. Focus on procurement
  4. Focus on development
  5. Simply setting targets
  6. A wider context
  7. Measuring maturity
  8. To be done (IMHO)

Holistic list

Open standards lists

Procurement checklist

Development docket

  • Sweden: make your contractor responsible
  • Bulgaria: share it on "GitHub" from day one

Target levels

Simply by setting targets, following the USA:

Wider Context

Maturity Model

  • Make it a task for the CIO
  • Mandate open standards
  • Manage change
  • Join the communities

To be done


  • souvereignty
  • innovate, modernise
  • create an independent industry, create jobs,
  • campaigns



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