Critical success factors for open source in public services


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  2. Free software and open source software are synonyms

This talk

  1. Succes factors - the beginning of a maturity model?
  2. Key policies
  3. Expected benefits
  4. What's missing?
  5. But first: about OSOR

Open Source Observatory & Repository


Open source in public administration HOWTO

1. Make free & open source a task for the CIO

National UK GDS Open Source Lead, France CIO/DINSIC
Multi-municipal DK OS2, Norway Kongsberg, Belgium Imio
Municipality Germany Mayor of Munich
Region Basque Country CIO
Organisation Online-Sicherheitsprüfung, Eurocontrol

2. Open standards, Open API's

policies United Kingdom
lists Sweden
ISA² projects Sharing and Reuse Framework

3. Use HTMl5

Supreme Court, Slovenia Leipzig, Germany
Gendarmerie, France Vienna, Austria
LNEC, Portugal Fontaine, France
Schoten, Belgium Munich, Germany
Zaragoza, Spain Arnhem, Netherlands
Aarhus, Denmark Basque Country, Spain

4. Help the organisation change

5. Engage the communities

Nantes (FR) organises improvements to LibreOffice
GDS (UK) give staff time to work on open source
Munich (DE) main contributor to open source
DINSIC (FR) hackathons

Key policies

Expected benefits

What's missing?


  • CIO task
  • Open standards
  • Use HTML5
  • Manage change
  • Communities



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