Magit: symbol's function definition is void: ~some

Using a recent Emacs, and now M-x magic-status is hickuping at startup? Check if you have an old copy of dash.el hiding somewhere, perhaps one that you installed by yourself years ago, bypassing the package manager. This is really a frequently issue, and it's most likely you, not Magit. See here, here, here, here, or here.

Quick and dirty localisation of TeX/LaTeX Invoice2

This summer, Simon Dierl contributed Invoice2 to TeX/LaTeX, to easily create typeset invoices with automatic VAT and calculation of totals. Here is a makeshift way to change one of the defaults.

HUGO and Emacs' Org-mode: It Just Works!

Here is a first post in Debian's updated version of Hugo (0.25.1-1) which comes with support for Emacs' Org-Mode.

Set Emacs to always print fast drafts in black and white

(setq lpr-switches '("-o PrintoutMode=Draft.Gray"))

Don't accept code from strangers

Or, this message will go to bogus


Receiving an email that refuses to follow Gnus' client-side filter rules?

centering source blocks in org-reveal presentations

The past two years, I’ve been using Emacs' Org-Mode to create browser-based presentations. This requires Yujie Wen’s org-reveal.

Leave out the CSS and Java scripts when exporting HTML in Org-Mode

The HTML export in Org-Mode by default adds a 123 lines of CSS and Java code. For most of my exports, I don’t need these.

Managing contacts using BBDB - importing CSV exports

The Seattle-based software developer Ian Kelling is doing “free and open source development for fun”.

BBDB now includes bbdb-pgp

BBDB version 3 has landed in Debian Unstable. And, it now includes bbdd-pgp.

The empty list is false (in the 'Land of Lisp'

Procrastinators beware: this is a irresistible book: Land of Lisp

\& = \1 + \2. Or, baby steps in Lisp regexp

Between writing news items, I sometimes twiddle with little pieces of Lisp.

Writers need spell checkers

Writers need spell checkers. I use Teemu Likonen’s wheck-mode. (Alternative link: Wcheck-Mode).

New code is legacy code (1)

To generate this site, I’m using o-blog, written by Sébastien Gross. More precisely, I’m using the slightly polished set-up written by Sebastian Wiesner, at Lunaryorn.

Emacs, social media and walled gardens

It would be great if Emacs had modes for some of the social networks and walled gardens. Or if there was a mode that would allow users to post messages to these networks and services.

Goodbye Drupal, hello o-blog

This was the final release for Drupal on this host: I’m discharging it. Drupal is an impressive CMS, but too complex for a simple web site such as this one.

Emacs' Gnus search and marking messages by email header

“This is a note, more to myself, on Emacs' Gnus (certainly among the best email clients ever).

Edit with Emacs

Alex Bennée yesterday released the latest version of “Edit with Emacs” to the Google Chrome web-store.

Agenda in ascii

De komende versie van Emacs, duidelijk ’s werelds meest veelzijdige editor, bevat Org. Het is een programma voor het maken van notities, bijhouden van taaklijstjes en het plannen van projecten. De software is grotendeels in Amsterdam geschreven. Het is echter niet de enige planner-software voor Emacs. Eén veelgebruikte concurrent is Planner.