HUGO and Emacs' Org-mode: It Just Works!

Here is a first post in Debian's updated version of Hugo (0.25.1-1) which comes with support for Emacs' Org-Mode.

In this post I'm testing some of the Org-Mode features that I use.

The HUGO documentation explains how to set a User-defined: Manual Summary Splitting

In markdown it is:


In org, use:

 #  more  ;; separated by a single space

How about exporting a line of Lisp ?

(setq lpr-switches '("-o PrintoutMode=Draft.Gray"))

How about exporting org-mode export source code?

  #+BEGIN_SRC lisp
  (setq lpr-switches '("-o PrintoutMode=Draft.Gray"))

To set the title and date for a post, put this at the top:

  #+TITLE: the title
  #+DATE: 2017-08-01

How about tables?

Here is a Table with stuff in it
This is row 2and column 2
that makes this column 1and row 3

Here is a link to a file.

Here is a TODO list:

  • One thing done

  • Second thing still open

  • Third thing marked done

Nested lists don't seem to work (yet). Issue: add multi-level nested lists support

Thanks to Anthony Fok and Dr. Tobias Quathamer for bringing this to Debian. Thanks to Chase Adams for creating goorgeous. Thanks to Hugo Authors for creating Hugo.

Gijs Hillenius
Context for Digital Government

Policy specialist on open source in public services, knowlegde transfer expert